ConstructionWe at Toucan Real Estate believe quality, trusted contractors are the fuel that power our operation, whether returning a dilapidated home to its original luster or furthering our efforts to green-hab local properties and the world. Without the work of contractors, the improvements that are necessary to raise a property’s value simply can’t be completed.

As a result, we believe in treating contractors right, by providing timely payment upon completion of a job. Having been raised in a construction family, Justin saw first-hand the importance of conducting business honestly and fairly. Toucan Real Estate makes it a priority to establish solid working relationships with contractors of all specialties in the hope that the relationship will grow to become an ongoing business partnership.

As part of our belief in building a network of reliable, trustworthy business associates, Toucan Real Estate is always looking for contractors who have a solid track-record in working with Energy Star-compliant appliances and are knowledgeable about materials such as non-VOC paints. It’s all part of the Toucan belief that while bettering our neighborhoods, we can also better the planet. To offset the increase in costs associated with building green, we take advantage of government environmental rebates, and are able to decrease costs in the end.

Whether you’re a contractor who specializes in a particular area of home remodeling, or a renovator interested in wholesale flipping, contact Toucan Real Estate today and learn more about this opportunity to increase your earnings.

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