Justin and Chelsea at Swamis
Justin and Chelsea Velthoen

Toucan Real Estate

Guided by the principle that business is – or at least should be – personal, Justin and Chelsea, founders of Toucan Real Estate, strive daily to build their business by building relationships founded on integrity, professionalism and trust. Whether working with a realtor while navigating the hurdles of a complicated short-sale, helping an investor pinpoint a wise property investment, or a contractor who shares their mission of “greenhabbing” a property, Justin and Chelsea begin with the conviction that without trust and loyalty, no relationship, whether business or personal, can thrive.

Justin and Chelsea value the success that can be found in healthy relationships, and seek to foster long-term, fruitful partnerships that transcend any single transaction. With the belief that any successful business transaction or venture is built on mutual trust, their approach to real estate investing and buying is driven by identifying and understanding every client’s needs, and working closely with those clients to help meet or exceed their goals and objectives.

Coincidentally, the southern California-based couple launched their careers in real estate while looking for a home of their own. Recognizing that so many neighborhoods around their hometowns of San Diego and Modesto were in distress, Justin and Chelsea realized that they were in a position to help homeowners facing foreclosure as well as buyers looking to become property owners, renters or investors. Through this process, they hope to help re-energize local neighborhoods and demonstrate how home refurbishing can be accomplished using environmentally friendly means.

Through it all, Justin and Chelsea have kept the core beliefs that transactions should be stress free, project goals should be proactive, and above all, business should be personal.

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